Friday, October 19, 2018

Want to Be a Poet...? Let's Talk About

hahaha..Basic Symptoms which shows you have a poet ,author inside..

  • have u feel ever that when u see or feel somethings... automatically ur mind & heart engaged to think  more about..or correlate from what u seen ever or means u can imagine.. yess..u have infected by artistic virus.
  • Many times when u feel something You seem to mumble a song which is represent ur feel situation or means u believe to listen ur situation in arrange form..then yes..definitely you can write.

But How We Start ? lets Discuss

First you read creation of  other best poets,writers because how much u read your vocabulary increase.You will understand  texture,rhythem and all..Remember Always-
Learn by all but never copy... try to create your unique style.

One thing u have to do you have no option is that u have to start writing on paper something  what u feel on particular situation which you like.
Once you start..try to say it in different way.beautiful way.effective way.

suppose in hindi..
कल रात भर बारिश होती रही 
it just a situation.. ok..
now i try to say in my ways..what i feel...

दिन को हराकर रात जीत तो गयी लेकिन न जाने क्यूँ  वो हराकर खुश नही थी पूरे वक्त वो रोती रही ,भीगती रही ..

Is That Clear?

So.. Start to Explain the world ur own Imagination..and share to the world in a way they feel magic in reading..

Thank You..
if any question u have must write here..
take care...